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May 15-21 Weekly Forecast

This week’s forecast features the Cross of Thor spread with the Yggdrasil Norse Divination Cards by Haukur Halldorsson.

Situation: Hlin (Reassurance & Protection)

Entrusted by Frigg to protect humanity, Hlin can bring reassurance and save us from danger. Hlin can restore sanity and ease worry, helping us to know peace and to get back on the right path when we've taken a wrong turn.

Opportunity: Delling (Beauty & Vanity)

The father of Night and Day, Delling is a gifted artisan and goldsmith, renowned for his creativity. He enhances the beauty to anything he touches. He transforms the ordinary into works of art through his craftsmanship. Attention to beauty must be tempered with care for our inner wisdom and inner beauty and being mindful not to place all of our trust in appearances.

Challenge: Helregin (Disorder)

Some say he is Hel's partner or husband. He gains energy from chaos and fear. His appearance is similar to the Tower card in the Tarot, signifying a possible catastrophe or a powerful event which is out of our control and reshapes our life.

Short-term Outcome: Thjassi (Aging, Maturity, Healing)

Thjassi was a giant and the father of Skadi. When he was murdered after abducting the goddess Idunna, Skadi came to the Aesir seeking justice. He is connected to magick, healing, reconciliation and trickery.

Long-term Outcome: Mokk ( Bravery, Lifting the Nightmare)

Mokk can release people from sleep paralysis and bad dreams. He uplifts people by bringing freedom from fear and anxiety and by removing obstacles. He brings courage and honour so that we can pursue our goals and our dreams.

This spread has a comforting message for us. Our current situation may be causing feelings of danger and anxiety. Before we take action, we need to get grounded so that we know where we want to go and how to get there.We have the opportunity to look beyond appearances and find gratitude and beauty in our current situation. Our challenge is not to be overcome by fear or to give away the power we do have. The short-term outcome can be one of healing, while the long-term outcome is liberation from obstacles and fear.

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