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In Plain (Second) Sight: Psychic, Medium, Intuitive

Updated: Mar 31

I've been getting more questions about what goes on in Intuitive Wisdom readings and what it means to be intuitive, so I thought I'd share a little bit about my history with my intuition and what happens during an Intuitive Wisdom reading.

Hello From the Other Side

There are many words which could be used to describe this gift. Psychic. Clairvoyant. Medium. Intuitive. Spiritualist. At their core, what they boil down to is the ability to sense energy and the spirits of those who have died. Some people can also see backward and forward in time and sense the energy of hidden bodies of water through their intuitive senses. How it manifests varies from one person to the next.

The first time I can recall encountering this ability, I was reading for a Tarot client. I began to see images surrounding him and hear sounds which weren't coming from our environment. At first,it was an annoying distraction. I tried to proceed with our reading, but it became increasingly difficult. Finally, I told my client what I was seeing and hearing. It made perfect sense to him.


I was hydrated and rested, calm and focused, not under lots of stress and functioning very well in all aspects of my life. I'd had an eye exam, and everything was fine on that front. There was no logical "reason" for what happened that day, and after talking with both my therapist and a spiritual mentor about what transpired, I felt somewhat reassured.

I'd experienced intuitive hits since I was about 14, but didn't feel safe to share them with others for fear they'd think I needed to be medicated or hospitalized. Because I didn't have room to talk about what was happening, I had no language to search for answers or to understand what was awakening in me.

When things I had seen and heard came to pass, I didn't know that I hadn't made them happen. Swallowed up in guilt, I made the choice to shut down my intuitive gifts, vowing never again to be a seer. I was 16.

Fast forward to my late twenties, sitting in a cafe with my client. After our reading was over, after I consulted my therapist and my mentor, I began to search for information on what I'd experienced. Through my work as a Reiki practitioner, I had some familiarity with how, during a session, I would sense certain colour or shapes, which I understood as energy.

Close Your Eyes to See

There it was, in some of the books that sat on my shelves for years, entire sections I glossed over, about how our intuition is not a monolith, but a number of different senses, like our physical senses. I had seen something otherworldly alongside what I saw in the mundane world. Clairvoyance. I had heard something outside of my everyday life. Clairaudience.

I knew things which I had no business knowing, as demonstrated when I started studying the Welsh language despite never having seen or heard it. My "hunches" were right too often for it to be coincidence. Claircognizance. I began to call my abilities back to me, to practice visualization and meditation, to hone my skill.

Once More, With Feeling

It was an awkward process, full of false starts and attempts to integrate the truth that I could be trusted with these gifts and that I was not responsible for what I saw, only how I responded to what I saw. And when I finally mentioned my abilities to a family member, instead of calling my mental health into question, they casually responded that this gift runs in our family. I remember sharing both my relief and exasperation, commenting that this information might have been useful twenty years ago!

Through working with the power of my rattle and drum and learning different body postures to induce trance and through learning how to journey, I strengthened my intuitive muscle and my energetic boundaries. I met skilled and trustworthy teachers who do spirit work. They showed me how to practice discernment with the intuitive guidance I received from spirits and ancestors, how to differentiate between intuition and anxiety and perhaps most important, how to really trust myself and how to set boundaries with spirits.

So, what's an Intuitive Wisdom Reading like?

Well, it's not as scary as you might think. Before a reading, I cleanse myself and my space physically and energetically. Together, my client and I take time to get grounded and present through some simple breathwork.

I call on my trusted ancestors and guides and ask for their protection and to receive clear and useful information for the matters at hand, and my client calls on any helpful ancestors and spirits they're familiar with. I've built trust with my ancestors and guides over the course of years of making offerings, journeying, and tending our relationships, always considering their messages along with common sense and the material consequences of listening to their advice.

I invite my client to record our session or take notes (or I record the audio of our session with my client's permission), because once I enter a trance state, I have only the most vague memories of what has been communicated, similar to trying to remember a dream once you've turned on a bright light. Seeing and hearing intuitively is rarely crystal clear--- messages come as though spoken from a distance and images can be slightly hazy, not like my physical sight.

My client asks questions and I share with them what I see, hear, feel or know related to what they've asked. Sometimes, messages trickle in slowly. Other times, it's a veritable stampede of beloved dead, so used to being ignored, now finally being attended to, that they all seek to be heard. I set a pace that feels safe and useful for the work, urging them to speak one at a time, letting them know they have all of my attention and that I will share what they say with my client.

When our reading is over, I bring myself out of trance with the techniques I have practiced and we close the space. We thank all the helpful ancestors and spirits who came through and those who offered their protection for our work. We finish with breathwork and end the session. I eat grounding foods, move my body and do what is needed to feel fully and solidly in my body.

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