3 Month Rune Forecast

For this month, I chose to do a 3 rune reading for the next 3 months. Each month has a rune for the Lesson, Challenge and Opportunity offered in that month. I used my handmade Elder Futhark rune set.


Lesson: Isa

When ice blocks our way, it's important to be patient, careful and to listen, instead of focusing on feeling thwarted. Being asked to slow down can protect us from the danger of the ice breaking as we walk on it.

Opportunity: Inguz

Potential, seed, genesis. The divine hero who acts for destiny, not for acclaim. Fertility and initiation to the ancestors and to death. Separation for the sake of transformation. Notice what parts of your life are generative and balanced, and if you feel connected to others.

Challenge: Tiwaz

The rune of Tyr, the god of justice, oaths and contracts. Victory can only be attained through courage and honour. Victory also requires clear vision, the ability to stay the course and remaining focused and aware of your surroundings, conserving your energy.


Lesson: Laguz

Laguz is a rune of water, of emotions and looking beneath the surface to dreams and hidden motivations. Adapt to the flow of life and let yourself be vulnerable. Bring awareness to your intuition and instincts. Look deep within, even if what you see is uncomfortable.

Opportunity: Gebo

Gifts, blessings, and good fortune. Generosity, hospitality, sacrifice and sacred exchange. For healthy relationships, giving and receiving must be in balance, gifts given for their own sake without ulterior motives. Reflect on your gifts and the health of your relationships.

Challenge: Perthro

Luck, the lot cup, taking a risk and stepping into the unknown. If you've been waiting for the right time to make a change, now's the time to move ahead. Use your intuition and common sense, but don't let fear hold you back. Break away from routine to get a fresh perspective .


Lesson: Eiwaz

Strong will, focus and flexibility. Release yourself from fear and gather your courage. Hold your boundaries while being willing to adapt to new circumstances. Before you take action, understand what your goals are and how you plan to work towards them.

Opportunity: Dagaz

The destruction that makes way for new creation. The light of day reveals what was hidden and gives us the illumination needed for focus, meaningful work and creativity. Work with the cycles of nature: day is for work and night is for rest and relaxation.

Challenge: Nauthiz

The needfire. Start with what you need, then move toward what you want. Sometimes, need arises when there's an imbalance in giving and receiving. Need can also clarify for us what really matters for us and where our boundaries are.

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