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Standing Stones:
Pillars of My Work


Over the years, the values and beliefs that shape how I work have changed. When I'm considering working with a new practitioner, whether that person is a therapist, a diviner or a business coach, understanding their values and beliefs and how those will shape our work is so important. This post is a chance for me to share with you the processes and pillars of how I hold space in my intuitive and divinatory work, as well as how I create my products.


1st Pillar: Sacredness is Everywhere

This world and all of us in it are sacred. We are worthy of protecting/caring for/investing in and learning from. This sacredness extends to the earth, to the waters, to the plants and animals and spirits. Honouring our sacredness and the sacredness of our other than human kin means appreciating their rhythms and seeking understanding, instead of control.


We are conditioned to believe that sacredness is separate from us and from the glorious chaos of our bodies, minds and spirits and this sense of separation can lead us to harmful and lonely places and behaviours as we search for some way to reconnect. Everyone we encounter has a spark of sacredness and beauty within them, even when it is obscured. This includes us.


2nd Pillar: Compassion and Connection are the Compass

Empowerment and wholeness are built through connection and they are sustained when we are comfortable with solitude and knowing ourselves. While our healing and liberation take place within ourselves and through building a capacity for solitude, self-compassion and self-inquiry, we are and always will be interdependent.


Our relationships with other humans and our other than human kin impact our felt sense of purpose, personal power, joy and safety. The more supported we are and the safer we feel, the deeper we are able to enter into the work of transforming ourselves and letting go of shame, self-sabotage and internalized oppression.


3rd Pillar: Cocreation

For healing, liberation or insight to arise, relationships are key. I stand before you, not as an expert, but as a fellow traveller with a certain set of skills. Your wisdom, your knowledge of self is to be respected and together, we uncover possible options for you to exercise your free will in service of your goals. I will always respect your intelligence and the courage and strength it takes to ask for counsel through intuitive and divinatory work. My commitment is to always bring kindness, honesty and an open mind to my work and to trust you to make the choices which will be helpful and healthy for your life.


When I create products, I use my own intuitive guidance, as well as my knowledge of the physical and metaphysical properties of my ingredients. I choose to honour the finite resources of this earth by sourcing organic, local ingredients, keeping my products free of hormone disrupting parabens and pthalates. I avoid using invasive or at risk plant species, many of my products are vegan and all of them are gluten free. All products are handmade, in small batches and are tested to be safe for sensitive skin.


4th Pillar: Practical, Purposeful Spirituality

A meaningful, effective spiritual path is one that brings us into connect with ourselves and others and helps us move through our everyday life in a way that we are proud of. Though spiritual materialism abounds, I am committed in all of my offerings to magick which is accessible, affordable and easy to incorporate into daily life. Our magick is within is, in our focused intention and attention, not in fancy tools, arcane languages and rare books.


Our spirituality isn't reserved for coven meetings and cast circles. It should help us in our ability to provide for ourselves, our capacity to care for ourselves and others, supporting our health and enabling us to make time for rest and play. Folk magick hearthcraft (the magick of protecting and blessing the home) and folk herbalism are vital parts of how we can live our spirituality everyday.


5th Pillar: Reverence and Remembering

The skills of ritual and ancestor reverence and magick are both innate and things you can learn. They belong to everyone who takes the time to learn and listen. It is never too late to start learning, and so much of what we learn can come from connecting to the cycles of our bodies and the earth.


The love, strength, protection and wisdom of those who came before us, whether they are ancestors of blood or of spirit connection can help us connect to empowerment and wholeness. When we reconnect with our ancestors and the cultures, lands and traditions we come from, we can tap into a wellspring of belonging, deep wisdom and a way of being which involves respect for the earth, respect for each other and appreciation for the energetic limits of our bodies and what we have come to see as natural resources.


When we build relationship with our well ancestors, we build a relationship with a people who will always love us, who will support our growth, invite us into accountability, a people to whom we will always belong. We hold ourselves differently when we have a felt sense that we are worthy and we are not disposable.


Obviously, this is just a snapshot of what guides my work. The more that I learn and grow, the more depth I'm able to bring to my work. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing more about my process and guiding principles.

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